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My diatribe on various performance engines, ignition systems and internal combustion in general. Click link at left
For an essay of a generally overlooked topic, Chevrolet Big Block headgaskets and coolant flow, click on the gasket to the left
An essay on V-drive boats.  Now out of favor, V-drive flatbottoms make an excellent tow rig for waterskiers.  Click link at left.
You bought a bunch of crappy hydraulic flat tappet lifters?  Here's how to identify which out-of-business company made them.  Click link at left.
All kinds of HEI information.
You'll soon know what the difference is between Pontiac, Olds/Buick, and Chevy/Cadillac pickup coils is, and why it's important to match the pickup coil to the engine it's getting installed on..
Aragon and other Mondial brands:
Brochures and short written articles on Aragon power amps; pre-amps; and source components.
Disabling the hateful, LAME-BRAIN dumbass automatic door locks on '93-'94 Chevy Lumina, Pontiac Grand Prix, Oldmobile Cutlass, and Buick Skylarks.

Step-by-step, simple procedure.